2018 kitchens – Trends and Advice

Gone are the days when the kitchen was considered just a place to cook food and washing dishes. Today, people are looking for the great ways to improve its appearance and thus looking for the way to modernise it.

Compared to previous times, now kitchen has become a focal point of any home. Whether you are looking for a new kitchen or seeking to revamp your old kitchen, in this post, we are going to discover the latest trends and advice to transform the look of your kitchen this year!

1. Metallic Touches

  • Trends: In 2018, metallic touches will be going to hit in the kitchens. From elegant yet stylish light to big statement pieces, the little touches can enhance the look of the kitchen. These additions can transform your traditional kitchens to the luxurious kitchen.
  • Advice: When looking for a metallic themed kitchen make sure you have created a sophisticated based on modern high gloss design. Dark grey offers an amazing dramatic touch to the warm metallics. To decorate the walls, you can use rich tones. For waterproof surfaces, you can use marble mosaic tiles and copper luxe brushed glass tiles.

2. Unicorn-inspired kitchen

  • Trends: In 2017, Unicorns were the trendsetter. Shades like gold accents and bright whites not only give a delicate look to your kitchen but also gives it a vintage look. To get an unicorn-inspired kitchen you have to play with pastel shades and glitter paint. A pastel shade with sparkle sprinkle on the walls gives a beautiful look to the walls.
  • Advice: As the unicorn-inspired kitchen is inspired by pastel shades trends, adding gold accents and bright whites can enhance the overall look. If you don’t want to paint your walls, then you can go with wallpaper to enjoy subtle patterns such as flashes of gold and delicate marble pattern.

3. Eco-Look

  • Trends: When it comes to kitchen decor and design, Britain is one of the most colour-conscious countries in the world. Their choice of making their kitchen eco-friendly using plenty of foliage, bamboo and real wood is simply amazing. According to Pinterest, the searches for eco-kitchen has been grown by 164%, for organic materials, it is 139% and for plywood, it is 139% increase.
  • Advice: In the modern and traditional kitchen, layered plywood cabinetry looks simply great. So, in 2018, it’s trend will not going to be fade. Moreover, walnut worktops, bamboo lighting, concrete tiles and cork floors.

4. Gold and Copper

  • Trends: This year, the trend of gold and copper will hit the kitchen. It will transform your boring kitchen into a glamorous one. The surfaces of gold and copper give a catchy finish to handles, statement lighting, plug sockets and small appliances.
  • Advice: Gold has become one of the most popular choices when it comes it small fixtures like faucets, cabinet handles and taps. Even the gold gives vintage style look along with a classy feel to the kitchen.

Every year latest kitchen trends come and go. If you keep yourself updated with kitchen trends 2018, allowing with following the expert advice you will definitely get a functional yet beautiful kitchen you always craved for!