Bespoke furniture – how to choose a good company

There is two types of furniture stores. One, relying on big advertisements and high volume and local, relying on their master-work, time for each client, individual approach and word-of-mouth of satisfied customers. One, mass produced, easy to set up, cheap and unstable, Ikea-made or similar, inspired for your minimalistic house design ideas and other, custom-made bespoke fitted to your needs and consulted with specialists.

Whether you want to change just your bedroom or salon or fill your whole house with custom-made furniture, you should look for a company that’s just right for you. How to choose the best specialist for creating your bespoke furniture?

1. Style

Everybody has a sense of style. Some people like modern and minimalistic interior, some of them prefer classic and others tend to search for more creative solutions. You have to think how would you like your space to look like and then search for a company that has experience in similar projects. That way you can be certain you’ll be understood by the specialist and together you’ll project the furniture straight form your dreams.

2. Affordability

It’s common to think that bespoke furniture must be extremely expensive. When you’re searching for a company you can always contact them and ask about their average prices for whatever furniture you need. When you know your budget it’s easier for you to make up your mind. When you’re buying form a bespoke furniture company just remember that cheaper doesn’t mean worse!

3. Materials

Try to think of what you need and what the company you think of choosing offers. When you think that wood is the best option for, youshould think twice of employing a company that prefers to work with plastic or glass.

4. Time

When you think of big franchises that sell globally, you probably suspect that waiting time can be elongated just because of their name and many orders. By choosing a company that deals locally on just one or a few markets you can be certain that it’s lead time will be shorter and the furniture made with more care.

G7 Developments is local company working in the UK for over a decade, offering the best specialist and materials available on the market. We build our customer’s trust and satisfaction by working hard and creating exactly what they need. We offer creative solutions that matches our client’s fantastic taste in interior design. Our company is second to none when it comes to meeting the deadlines. We believe that our individual approach is what makes our customers recommend us to their friends. We offer an excellent customer care and aftercare to guarantee the best experience to everyone that’s put their faith in us.